The Sugar Maple Bubble: The Attempt to End Slavery with Maple Sugar

  Sugar Maple Tree             Acer Sacharinum, The sugar maple tree. Every year, about this time, thousands of Sugar Maples are tapped so that the sap can be collected. Boiled it becomes syrup or even maple sugar. And there for a very brief time in the early 1790’s intersected abolitionists, land speculators andContinue reading “The Sugar Maple Bubble: The Attempt to End Slavery with Maple Sugar”

Henry Brockholst Livingston: Soldier, Lawyer, Duelist, Judge

Henry Brockholst Livingston   Henry Brockholst Livingston or Brockholst Livingston as he preferred to be called was born on November 25, 1757, the son of William Livingston, future governor of New Jersey, and his wife Susanna French Livingston. He was educated, eventually graduating from the College of New Jersey in 1774. One of his classmatesContinue reading “Henry Brockholst Livingston: Soldier, Lawyer, Duelist, Judge”


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